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Dragon Ball Writers

Hey everyone I'm back (kind of). I will be editing this page whenever I can. Infortunatly I am very busy with school. I'm trying to write some new stories but please keep sending me in stories, pics, and maybe even a comics or two. I really want all that stuff. I'm sure there are talanted people out there who have a scanner and love DBZ who can send me a pic. Also if anyone would like to design me a title gif I will post it as soon as I get it. Please keep signing my guest book and make sure to check back here in June for sure. You also might want to pop up everyone once and a while to see if I have a new story.

My contest to see the best title and buttons, best story, and the question how are mt frames are still going on. I added one more new story POW and that is about it. Don't forget you can always go to my chat room to talk. Organize friends to meet you here and other things. I heard that #db was total destroyed so start chating here instead. It will be great for everyone. Please start viewing my site more so I can get more memory. Plus the person that sent me those two stories about some wubda (I think?) guy please e-mail me. I couldn't read the format of those two stories so please edit copy and paste them to me. One more announcment if you want to be the lucky boy or girl that gets to continue the DBGX series e-mail me. KevinK wants me to get someone to continue the series for him because he is to busy. Please e-mail me for details. I thik thats it e-mail me for coments question or fan fics.

Here is a low down of my page-

Main-this is my main page used for talking to you my viewers

FAQ-This is a page to tell you how to send your stories to me and your art and your comics

Chat-On certain days we will have interviews and other things. It is always open if you just want to see who is in there

Whats New-Here is a more detailed description on what is new.

Stories-Here is all your stories and mine too.

Links-Here is a short link page for people that have helped me.

Info-*new* This is my old front page. It is full of info on the site. Please read this page if your a new comer. This is a very small main page as of now it will get bigger

Dragon Ball Ring
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