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This faq is meant to explain the exact usage of my Internet page. 1) Sending stories

This is probable the easiest procedure. Write a story on the computer. It must be at least 3 pages and probable shouldn't be bigger then 100 pages. If it is greater then 100 pages I will post your story as a mini story and only post certain sections every week or so. This is not to discourage people from writing long stories. I just don't have a lot of space for writing. So if you have a 300 page story a will release it in sections probable over a couple months. If you want to send me a story that will develop over the months (a mini series) that's cool too. I will except just about all stories and swear all you like. Violence is of course... ALOUD!!!

2)Sending pictures

All right this is a lot harder. First off you need to find someone with a scanner. This of course as we all know is not an easy task. I have a friend with a black and white scanner and I might be willing to let people send me there pictures but I want to make sure there not psychos first. If you want to mail me your pictures e-mail me first and I will ask you some questions and if I deem you worthy I will give you the address to mail them to me. In the letter tell what story you want me to add them to. If you do have a scanner, or you want to make computer generated pictures, attach them to an e-mail and send them to for right now. In the letter say what story you want these posted with. If the story says on it please don't attach pictures then I will have to discard your e-mail. If I think the pictures are really good then I will post them in the pictures anonymous section that I'm adding. If you just want to draw for the hell of it send me those pictures too. I will post them in the pictures anonymous section.


My third section is comics. Just do the same thing you do for pictures. Attach the pictures and send them to me. I will post the pictures in my comic section. I will post comics as if they were stories not just pictures. So in other words I will display all the titles and when you click on one it will display all your comic pictures. Send all comics to

*If there is anything I left out or you have questions on please e-mail me at*