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Matthew D. Rosenberg, M.S.W., C.S.W.

Matthew D. Rosenberg is a Licensed Masters Social Worker in the State of Michigan. He received his Bachelors degree in Psychology, and his Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from Michigan State University. He is a sexual abuse and deviance specialist, researcher, consultant, lecturer, and writer.

Mr. Rosenberg is a member of the National Association of Social Workers (N.A.S.W.), and the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (A.T.S.A.). He is the founder of the Michigan Coalition on Sexual Abuse & Deviancy, and The Horizon--an international newsletter on sexual abuse and deviancy. He has over 35,000 hours of direct clinical practice with sexual abuse victims, offenders, and sexual addicts. He was formally trained to work with sexual offenders within the Michigan Department of Corrections. He served as the Senior Clinician in the Adolescent Sexual Abusers Program in Detroit, Michigan. He continues to conduct psychosexual assessments and forensic assessments through his private practice, Rosenberg & Associates. Mr. Rosenberg is unique in that he has worked in corrections (the prison system), outpatient, and residential settings. He works with juvenile and adult sexual abusers; male and female sexual abusers; sexually reactive children; child, adolescent, and adult victims of sexual abuse; sexual addicts; paraphiliacs; as well as tertiary problem areas such as depression, ADHD, bereavement, and other mental illnesses.

Mr. Rosenberg has been involved in numerous panel discussions on sexual abuse, the internet, and treatment issues. He has been a featured guest on two occasions on WJR Radio 760--the first time with Attorney General Granholm and Sheriff Ficano, the second with Sheriff Ficano and two F.B.I. special agents. He was a panelist for I-Watch, a special presentation by the Wayne County Board of Education. He has appeared in numerous texts and articles, as well as made contributions for Psychology Today, National Association of Social Workers, the California Coalition on Sexual Offending, and many other periodicals.

Mr. Rosenberg has an extensive amount of training and experience working with victims of sexual abuse, sexual addiction, sexual deviance, and sexual offending. Moreover, his experience with each realm assists him tremendously when working in the other realms. He has written more than 50 essays/articles on sex offender therapy, denial, fantasies, and the therapeutic relationship, to name a few. His articles have been published in the Detroit Free Press, California Coalition on Sexual Offending, Lawyers Weekly, and the National Association of Social Workers. He has also developed over 100 assessment tools and treatment exercises for sexual offender. published in his new workbook, "Understanding, Assessing, and Treating Sexual Offenders: Tools for the Therapist".

He has trained over 9000 people since 1999. He has conducted internal trainings for detention centers,residential treatment centers, probation/parole departments, group homes, police agencies, and mentoring agencies. He has developed, promoted, and presented at numerous seminars throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. He is available for case consultations, trainings, and guest speaking. His trainings are tailored to your needs and will be quite informative and catching.

Trainings, Seminars, and Public Appearances, 1999-2001