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Do You Really Think I'm That Stupid?

Last night I watched a commercial that I really had to think about. Not in the good sense, mind you, but in the sense of 'How stupid do you think I am?'...

It was an ad for Capstone Mortgage. The opening comment from the commercial's announcer was, "Capstone Mortgage wants you to be debt free in 2000!"

Get it? If not, read that statement again.
Capstone will LOAN you money to make you DEBT FREE.



I have NEVER seen such a blatant lie in any commercial I have ever watched. Truth is, Capstone Mortgage wants you to be IN AS MUCH DEBT AS POSSIBLE!


Let's apply this theory to other commercials / industries:
"At MacDonald's, we want to help you lower your cholesterol by eating only healthy foods"
"At Ford, getting you to take the subway is Job One"
"At [insert any company's name here], our goal is to go bankrupt AS QUICKLY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!"

Are there really people on this planet who watch this commercial and think, gee, if only I had a big second mortgage on the house and no equity, I could be out of debt? If you know any, please do them a favor. Kill them. At least sever their genitals so they cannot reproduce.