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Who are the ad wizards who came up with Old Navy?

Usually I find myself scrambling for the remote control when the commercials start. If they aren't trying to give me an embolism with flashing pictures and sequenced photography, they are blasting me with loud music at irritating frequencies. Announcers are assuming I have the vacuum cleaner running at all times, and that I'm half blind, or so it seems. But there is one commercial which is above all that.

Too bad it STILL sucks.

Of course, I'm talking about the Old Navy commercials, with an array of washed-up actors and actresses who couldn't make the New Hollywood Squares. They also would fail with their own psychic hotline (George Jefferson doesn't strike me as the "savant" type), and have not been offered the chance to palm 10-10 long distance services.

I can describe the ads like this: Latant Annoyance. You don't necessarily hate the ad when you see it, since you can't understand it, and are too bored by it to struggle to determine what product they are hocking. But after some time, when you find yourself singing quietly to yourself "Old Navy, Old Navy, Old Navy performance fleece...", you begin to slowly hate it. I know, Mentos falls under the same category, but at least you are waiting to find out how the cheesy situation ends.

I once read that the purpose of commercials was nothing more than to put the company's name in your head. In this regard, the Old Navy commercials have succeeded. Unfortunately, these commercials do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me in regards to the product. I can't be excited about it, I can't hate it, and I can't wonder about it. So I could care less. If that was the point, then God help the ad geniuses who decided to try the "bore them to tears" approach.