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Meteorologists with Prejudice

Well, it's wintertime. The earth has a chance to refresh life, and the American Meterological Society has a chance to piss me off.

Two things come to mind when I think about weather forecasting in winter: There's never as much snow as the weather people predict, and they all have an unhealthy streak of anti-snowmetism.

First off, no weatherman wants to be the guy who predicts LESS snow than will actually fall. The result? "Well folks, better stock up on canned goods, 'cause we are gonna get HAMMERED tomorrow. I'm predicting at least 20 inches of the white stuff on the ground by daybreak, with another 10 inches by tomorrow night." The result of this forecast: Kids dance gleefully around the house, sure there will be a snow day, guys like me are setting the alarm clock 5 hours earlier than usual, ready to shovel snow until their tickers give out, then spending an additional three hours behind the wheel in the morning trying to get to an office that usually only requires a 15 minute drive.

The actual snowfall, if any, will amount to rarely more than an inch, hardly enough to make a decent snowball out of, let alone go sledding, build a snowman, build a fort, or close a school district (Catholic schools notwithstanding). For us snow lovers, this is a heartbreak beyond belief, a crushing disappointment which repeats itself year after year after year.

But crushing our hopes isn't enough for your average meteorologist. Nope, to add insult to injury, that night on the news you will undoubtably see said meteorologist with a big grin on his face saying, "Well, folks, we got lucky and dodged a bullet. Thank goodness. Just 200 miles east of here they are experiencing white-out conditions, with all schools closed, businesses shut down, and ideal conditions for playing in the snow with the kids! But we're just experiencing a cold rain! Aren't we lucky?"

What is it with this anti-snow sentiment? Why should these clowns assume we are all anti-snow? Just because they harvest some personal vendetta against Mister Snow doesn't mean they need to impose their feelings on the rest of us! This "Snowjudice" needs to be confronted and stopped! Global warming is coming. We should be happy to have snow while we can!