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About Me

I guess this is almost mandatory for a personal web site. Includes a picture and all my varied interests.
Complete King

Lists all of Stephen King's writings and has the added bonus of over a dozen wav audio files from his movies.
My Book Case

If you like horror and fantasy you may find some new authors to enjoy.
New To The Site

This site is updated almost daily. This is where you can find out what I've been up to.


My Website Design and Marketing RESUME Carrie's Conceptions, personal web page showing my web design skills
Graphic by Corné
NEW! Feedback page
Read my mail or send your comments and questions.



Several poems and some short fiction that you might enjoy. Please don't copy them without permission.

Are you a writer? Web Designer? Fan of horror or fantasy? You've got to check out these links!
My Personal Space

Creative writing I did as a lark. It turned out so well I had my friend Corné create some awesome graphics to accompany it.
Derry: Hell's Back Door

Devoted to King's books of Derry, It and Insomnia. Includes reviews, stills from the movie It and the humor and horror of Derry





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