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Ms~t~blu's Territory


Hi and welcome. My name is Diane, but you know me as Ms~t~blu. You can usually find me chatting at Hawaii Chat Universe (HCU) or in 30something. I also chat at Storm Chat, The Park, Cool Chat, Freetown, Chat House, and Talk City.

I'm living in Green Bay, Wi. The land of Packers and cheese.

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I like bowling, reading, poetry, music, sunsets, sunrises, volleyball, outdoor activities, spectator sports, fishing, camping, traveling, NASCAR (#3 Earnhardt!! forever), and chatting.

Thanks!!! For stopping by..*S* I'm always trying to add new things and hope to be adding pics soon. But don't be holding your breath. *L*


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Over 2,000 POW/MIA(s) are still missing from Vietnam. Please get involved and adopt a POW/MIA from OJC. Help us bring them all back to the USA alive or to bury in their country's soil.
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