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Boulder Hash House Harriers

The BHHH is one of approximately 1500 worldwide chapters of the Hash House Harriers, an international running, drinking and socializing club founded in Malaysia in 1938. BHHH runs take place every other week somewhere in the Boulder (that's Boulder , Colorado , USA for you geographically impaired types) area. (The Denver HHH runs on the other weeks.)

To find out where the BHHH (and the other Colorado Hashes) are meeting, consult the weekly Receding Hareline here, or call the toll-free Colorado Hash Hotline at 1-866-RUN-4-BEER.

If you want to be a hare, contact Beano at

Here's a picture of the 10th Annual BHHH Hangover Run. The underdressed guy on the right is Bulldust, a visiting Aussie from the OTHER Boulder Hash (where it's summer).

Another ugly day in Colorado - the beercheck on the 3rd Almost-Annual BHHH Over The Hill Run.

Run schedule

Year-roundSunday at 2PM -OR- Monday at 630PM
Choice of Sunday or Monday is up to the hare, but it's been mostly Sundays lately.

Cost: $5.00 per hash

Things you will not find on a Boulder Hash:

  • Alligators
  • Mile-long swamps
  • "The Buffet"
  • Sea-level hashing
  • Palmettos, poison oak, chiggers ("red bugs")

Things you will find on a Boulder Hash:

  • Bears
  • Shiggy
  • A fine selection of chips
  • Hashing at altitudes between 5000 and 14000 feet (1700 to 4000m for you Euroweenies)
  • Yuccas & cacti, poison ivy, ticks (occasionally)

Here's a link to the other Boulder Hash (broken?)

If you want to find out about Hashing, consult one of these excellent pages:

At the BHHH, we have other things to do with our lives, so we let these folks do all the fancy home pages. I do maintain the Hareline, the web page of upcoming events for Colorado Hashes.

For all information on the BHHH, contact Beano at

You can contact me at gnscott1 ATSIGN but since I am not heavily involved with the BHHH these days, I can't help you find a ride, sign up to be a hare, etc., etc. (You'll need to be clever and change that one word in CAPS to the appropriate punctuation mark, and remove any spaces.)

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