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~ "Have some fun, love your hair, & smile at least once a day" ~

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Robert / PurpleBubba

About Me & Disclaimer

I am a former cosmetology student who has completed 800 of my state's 1500 hours. The information on this site is meant to be taken in a casual sense and is not intended to be absolute fact nor professional advice. My opinions and articles are based on my learning in school as well as my participation in several hair care forums over the past 4 years. Please do not do anything dangerous like take vitamins or use chemicals solely based on what I have written. For things like that you should seek a professional or a doctor. I am Not an expert. I will never claim to be even if I do learn everything there is to know about hair. Please Be Careful.
If anyone has any questions about these articles you can Email Me Robert / PurpleBubba and I will help you.

Date of Last Update (2/11/07 - See article links for more)

~~ Braided Bangs With String ~~
~~ A Great Way To Hold Back Growing Out Bangs ~~

(Updated 8/24/05)

~~ Charity Sites ~~
~~ Links to Charity Sites ~~
~~ Article About Donating Hair For Wigs Charities ~~

(Updated 5/28/05)

~~ General Hair Information 1 ~~
~~ Acids, Alkalies, and Porosity ~~

(Updated 1/29/03)

~~ General Hair Information 2 ~~
~~ Health and Hair ~~

(Updated 1/29/03)

~~ General Hair Information 3 ~~
~~ Products ~~

(Updated 4/10/04)

~~ Growing Out Damage ~~
~~ Gracefully instead of chopping ~~

(Updated 1/31/03)

~~ Hair Structure & Shedding ~~
~~ Diagrams & Definitions ~~

(Created 9/16/04)

~~ How To Put Hairsticks In ~~
(Updated 3/03/04)

~~ How Often To Trim & ~~
~~ Self Split End Trimming ~~
~~ For Maintaining Your Hair Ends Yourself ~~

(Updated 2/11/07)

~~ Scissor Information ~~
~~ How To Choose A Good Pair ~~

(Updated 4/06/06)

~~ Updos ~~
~~ Demonstrated On Manikins ~~
~~ Some With Instructions and Some Without ~~

((Updated 2/11/07)

The Hair Care Family

This is another site that I created. It's mane theme is Hair Care, but it has forums
for just about any topic you wish to discuss except for X-rated type stuff. I created
this site as a way for the people I've met over the past 7 years to have a place to
come to and feel like part of the family no matter what the topic was of the place I
had met them. Some came from Lighthouse sites and some came from Hair related.
If you would like to come and get to know us better than please feel free to join.
I will do my best to keep the place clean and friendly. After all it is a family site.

These are links to some very good sites created by friends of mine.

The links to sites with products in this friends section are sites which I would buy from myself. There is also one listing without a web site.

AmberBella's BellaMundo

AmberBella has a site telling about her hair growth journey
as well as information on how she cares for her hair.

Braided Image Hair Braiding

Specializing in Caucasion hair braiding with
pictures of hair braids and braid styles.

Feye's Self Trimming Instructions

Feye has a page with instructions that she came up with for trimming or cutting
your own hair. This is for people with longer hair that can be made into a ponytail.
She has instructions for cutting Straight Across, Different "U" Shapes, and "V" shapes.
I have used her instructions to trim my own hair into a slight "U" shape.
Many others have tried them and had success as well.

LisaJaney's TLC Hair Accessories

LisaJaney makes hair-friendly accessories in different
colors and sizes for different lengths and thicknesses of hair.
She offers the following: Scrunchies, Satin Pillowcases, & Turban Towels.

Madeleine's Twisted Pages

Madeleine has instructions on how to do a French Twist and Buns, and
she also has some very good articles on caring for hair, especially longer hair

Medusa's Lair ~ And Sock Curling ~ by AnaisSatin

A really informative site about caring for hair by my friend AnaisSatin. She also sells hairsticks.

Somnium Designs

Somnium Designs offers beautiful handmade hairsticks,
necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other pretty items.

The Long Hair Loom

The Long Hair Loom is a site with lots of information on growing long healthy
hair and has many friendly and helpful people. You can also find some Hairsticks
for sale here. I am a frequent visitor and participant at the Loom's forums.

Other Links
These are other very good sites


Exquisite Vintage Crystal Hair Sticks and Jewelry
LongLocks HairSticks Boutique
Rapunzel never had it so good...

Charity Sites

Have you ever wanted to help out but just didn't know how you could make a difference?
Well here are some ways you can help out and best of all it's easy and free. All you have
to do is visit these sites everyday and click the buttons on their pages. That's it. You can
even sign up for email reminders so you can remember to click everyday. I have & I do click.
The sites are as follows:
Hunger Site, Breast Cancer Site, Child Health Site,
Rain Forest Site, Animal Rescue Site, & Literacy Site.

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___ ___

Note: Clicking these buttons will only take you to their sites. These do not
count as clicks, you still have to click the buttons on their individual sites.