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My Tribute To Jason Brooks
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My Tribute To Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks as Peter Blake

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Okay, so let's face it, Peter Blake hasn't exactly been the model citizen in Salem lately (conisdering that he faked his own death in order to keep Jack and Jenn apart), but who can resist his smile and that special charm that Jason Brooks brings to Peter Blake. Jason adds something to Peter that just makes us want to like him. Unlike Stephano and Kristen, Peter has potential to redeem himself even if he causes a little more trouble for Jack and Jenn. Now that Jason Brooks has returned to Days again, I'm sure there will be Days of Trouble ahead, but I'm also sure that your television screens will be steeming up!!!

Peter is awesome and it's sad to see what the writers have done to him with his bout of jungle madness!!!! He deserves better than that!!! If you love Jason Brooks too, then drop me a line some time!!!!

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This page is in no way associated with Days of Our Lives, NBC, or Jason Brooks. It is just a tribute to a great actor that deserves recognition, so please don't sue me!!! Hope you enjoy!!!!

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