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I recently changed this website as my interests with weather change. While this website was originally made to give information about tornadoes, it has now been broadened to encompass storm chasing. The information you will read about is out of spotter guides that I have received from the National Weather Service upon completing training course to be a Skywarn Storm Spotter. Each link will lead you to aspects of what spotters look for and how they report things. While spotting is a lot of fun for me, I have been doing it now for 6 years. I still call myself an amateur as I have not seen all there is to see. I am in no way an expert and that is why I have provided information for you by the experts. Spotting is very dangerous and I recommend that if you take up this hobby, please research the safety precautions to take while out. These safety precautions are not only for your safety, but the safety of those with you, and for the others on the road.

Please click a link below for more information on that topic.

Reporting and Estimating
Spotter Glossary

For additional information on weather, I recommend the following books (all of which I own):

If you know of some books that I have not listed above that are fairly recent and have excellent information in them, please let me know through the feedback button below.

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