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The History of Witchcraft and The Salem Witchcraft Trials

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Never Again the Burning Times!!

This is my term paper that I had written this school year. My teacher was cool and let me choose this as my topic for it.

Throughout this paper I used Parenthetical Refrencing, an easier way of doing footnotes. You also might want to read this in the order stated below because it will make more sense that way and it will be in order.

I will be adding more infromation as I learn it.

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The History of Witchcraft

General History
Our Ancestors
Christianity (religious persecution) & The Devil's Pact
The Burning Times
The Malleus Maleficarm

The Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692

A List of the People Who Had Died
The Story Telling Begins
Strange Behavior & More Accusations
The Examinations Begin
The Court Trials Begin
The First Hangings
The Crushing of Giles Cory & The Last Hangings
The Tragedy Ends
The Declaration of Regret
The Result


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