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The Movement Of Obliterating NHGH


Presented by Bishop Two Beans

M.O.O.N. is a clench of the Church of the Subgenius based in Kalamazoo, MI. Its mission is the complete and utter destruction of the one force that is responceable for stealing more slack than the conspiricy has ever had in it's entire existance. That force is..... NHGH! It was NHGH who was responceable for the Escape Vessels of the Sex Goddesses to not arrive on July 5th 1998, the date pre-ordained by Dobbs. And you can bet that NHGH will KEEP stopping X-Day unless WE SUBGENII DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT FIRST! That is why we must KILL NHGH before 7-5-99 if X-Day is will ever come to pass! This website is always changing so come back often for more updates. You can e-mail me at TWOBEANS@MAILEXCITE.COM but if you SPAM ME I won't even hesitate to KILL YOU TOO!!! Praise "Bob"!

The move to another website has been hard on the counter.....

Bishop Two Beans enveloped in the Luck Plane

Just who is NHGH??? And why should I obliterate him?

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"No one seems to know just who she was or how she died, But when they opened up her purse they found a snail inside." -The Residents "Moisture"

Copyright 0 BX Bishop Two Beans.

Last updated 3-17-0 AX

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Member of The Knights of Little Bohemia, The Loyal Order of Hinkson.

"NHGH best not enter, lest he taste my lance!"

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