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Welcome to Sailor Frankie's Cutey Honey Flash Page!!!!!

Welcome to The Sailor Frankie Cutey Honey Flash Page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are thinking what the heck is cutey honey i shall tell you,It is about a 16 year old blonde named Kisagi Honey She Is no ordianry girl.The series is originally from the 1970's it was about an android who could change into many sexy bodies but in the flash series it is totally different.Honey wasnt born like normal kids her dad was a scientist he invented crystals in forms of emotions and honey was the happy gem she was later born into a little girl. But His lab burnt down he thought the other jems were gone forever but another feeling was alaive Sister jill and her gang took they gem turned it into a young girl and her master tattoed her chest with a black rose. The girl's name was Salere and Salere later escaped going to the same acadamy as Honey.Before Salere transfered to Honey's school Honey's dad was kidnapped by sister jill honey ran home but now her home was in cinders.Then a red ferrorie drove up,then a tall man walked up and said he was a friend of her father's,His name was Prince.Then he gave her a gift it was a red band with a golden heart and a golden hearted ring.She put them on and yelled honey flash! Then she changed into Cutey Honey and ran after her dad,She went after the monster and her dad on the blimp she beat the monster but the blimp crashed into a bridge but she was able to get out but her dad was still in the blimp. He was saved by sister jell and honey continues to beat the monsters with Her boy friend seji,Finally she goes and defeats Jill and sets her dad free But Then 2 figures appear and her dad goes with them.The next day in fencing class A new girl appeared saying she was Salere later that day Salere is attacked by monsters,Then Honey Goes after Salere then after honey set her free Salere shouted honey clash then she transformed into Misty Honey.Then they fought but honey lost to Salere then seji rescued her.The next few episodes honey's dad says what happined and Prince is Misty's boyfriend. In the next few episodes Salere and Honey will have to join up forces To stop The monsters and the monsters will resurect Jell,But salere and honey are to weak to finish her off so They join powers and become hyper honey!!!!! Misty'spowers are Honey bomerang,honey sexy dinamite,Honey's moves are Honey bomerang and Honey lightning flare.Hyper honey's move is Honey Wildflower Levitation Check out the picture gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have now seen new episodes and all her friends know about her secret and there are acouple of new characters in the series also jill has been resurected and now she is twice as powerful and misty honey has disapered and honey's father is dead! There are 39 episodes and in the last Seji and honey get merried they already have a kid a little cute girl saler she gives honey the courage to destroy jill once and for all and Seji and Honey get merried and live happily ever after!!!

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A Heart picture of Cutey Honey
Kisagi Honey
Cutey Honey Warrior of love!!!!
Honey vs bird woman
Misty Honey
Kisagi Honey and Hyper Honey!!!!!
Cutey Honey giggling
Small cutey Honey
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