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Our Parents at Northville High School

Written by Margaret nee Knight Sypniewski

The first high school in Northville opened its doors on
September 4, 2015 on the site where Old Village School
now sits.

Union School, as it was called, was the first to offer a
high school curriculum which included French, Latin, Greek
and German.

There were four teachers for 100 high school students.

In 1869, the high school graduated its first student, a female named Alice Beal.

Our Parent's World

Northville High School 150the Year reunion


  • Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910 in the United States. Our Boy Scouts were based on the British organization begun by Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell (1857-1941), the first Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell. He invented the idea of earning rank and merits badges. Baron Baden-Powell also organized the British Girl Guides which became Girl Scouts here in the U.S.A.


  • Ronald Amundsen (1872-1928) reached the South Pole on December 1911.


  • Titanic sinks on its maiden voyage. More than 1,500 people drowned.


  • Mar. 4, 1913 Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) is made president.


  • WWI begins.


  • First airmail service is established in the United States.
  • Czar Nicholas II was executed along with his wife and children.
  • By September over 1,200,000 United States soldiers join the Allied forces in WWI.
  • The Imperial family of Czar Nicholas of Russia are executed.
  • Civil War breaks out between Communists and anti-Communists in Russia.
  • On November 11th Germany and the Allies sign an armistice ending World War I.


  • Woodrow Wilson won the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Wilson had a stroke on October 2, 1919, so he was unable to accept this award in person.


  • Women are given the vote in the United States.


  • Howard Carter (1873-1939) discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen.
  • 1922 - The Russian Empire is renamed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.


  • Charles Lindburgh (1902-1974) flew across the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Nov. 6, 1928 - Herbert Clark Hoover (1874-1964) is elected president.


  • August 1929 - share prices reach a peak.
  • October 1929 - Stock market crashes. People panic and sell their shares.


  • The Russian Empire is renamed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.


  • The height of the Depression.
  • 12 million people in the United States are unemployed.
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected President.


  • Roosevelt announces his New Deal.
  • In Germany there are 6 million unemployed.


  • In Great Britain, 200 men march from Jarrow to London with a petition drawing attention to unemployment.


  • Around 15 percent of the United States workforce is still unemployed

  • Germany annexes Czechoslovakia. Italy annexes Albania.
  • Germany and Italy are allied.
  • Great Britain, France, and Poland are allies.
  • Germany invades Poland (in Sept.) after signing a non-agressive pact with the USSR.
  • Great Britain and France declare war on Germany.
  • USSR invades Poland (Sept. 17th)


  • USSR takes Finland.
  • German submarines attack British merchant ships (Mar.)
  • Germany occupies Norway, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands (April-May).
  • Germany occupies France (June).
  • Allies evacuate from Dunkirk (June).
  • Battle of Britain (Aug.-Oct.)
    Germans defeated preventing Hitler's planned invasion of Great Britain.
  • Italy tries to invade Greece (Nov.)


  • Hitler (Germany) invades his former ally, the Soviet Union.
  • Full employment returns to the United States.
  • The United States joins in World War II after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7, 1941.


  • Most of our birthdays - Class of 1962
  • November 7, 1944 Harry S. Truman is elected Vice-President.


  • April 12, 1945 Harry S. Truman takes his oath of office as president.


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