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Raymond's Homepage

Raymond's Homepage Hi I am Raymond, To tell you about me I am a Christian as of November of 1997. However somehow I am not as strong as I once was. what I mean by that is before I use to be in 3 or 4 bible studies and go to a church function every night. Now God is a part of my life but not like before. To tell you more about me I am a college student from Albany, Georgia. I am at Albany Technical College. My major is Culinary Arts. What I want to do is to get an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree from Valdosta State University. This will take minimal effort on my part. (or so I thought) I need one damed class that is only offered at VSU which is 1 1/2 hour away form where I live. Currently I am at Albany Tech getting that culinary degree. I have dreamed for years of being a that is what I am going to be. Some of the things I like are cooking, sports, having fun, the Internet, movies, country music, (name a song and I can tell you an artiest) and meeting friends, In person and on the net in chathouse. My favorite rooms in chat house are Joe's diner on the next level, and last call downstairs. Although I like all the rooms there those are my favorite If you are here chances are you meet me in Chathouse, or you found my link through a friend. If you did not meet me in chat e-mail me and tell me why you choose my site and how you liked it. I also encourage you to visit my other pages. One page is a geosite page devoted to golf. Another is a Christian witness page and my last one is a church page.

It is later now April 2, 2002, since I last revised this page I have completed culinary school, and gotten my AAS degree From Valdosta State. I have moved to Kansas City, MO and I work for Jack's stack BBQ. My life has changed a lot but I am really happy with it. the adding of this new piece on instead of changing it is so you could see the progression, the changes that happen in life. I hope you enjoy this page and please visit my cooking club.

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