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Monkey Island: The Movie
Monkey a movie. All Monkey Island Fans have wanted this for years. Just think, a game trilogy and a movie trilogy....more fun for Monkey Islanders! I have started a petition to TRY and convince LucasArts.
Movie News
July 11- Ok, we are at a standstill on the movie idea here. It seems that no one will take unsolicited ideas! So much for our 2 cents! But it is more than 10 people (probably thousands) and it would for sure make a lot more than 2 cents. Well, all we can do is hope that someone has contacts to a person that can get the idea out there. If that doesn't work... well, we'll just make one ourselves! :)
Guybrush David Spade, Michael J. Fox, Chris O' Donnell
Stan Jim Carrey, Alan Ruck 
Voodoo Lady Whoopee Goldberg 
Elaine Lauren Holly, Mariah Carey, "Kate" from Drew Carry Show
LeChuck Robert DeNiro, Dennis Quaid, John Goodman, Tommy Lee Jones, Tim Curry 
Wally Martin Short, Mike Myers
Haggis Bruce Willis 
Cutthroat Bill Danny DeVito

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