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David Bowie--Man Of Music, Man of Words

David Bowie--That name makes me think of so many things. After all he is one of the most accomplished musicians of our time. I mean, who can reinvent themselves so many times, yet still have that element they have always had? No one, but Mr. Bowie. I myself, have been a Bowie fan, since about 1985, I was three years old. My uncle introduced me to Bowie's music, but I really took an interest in bowie after I saw the movie Labyrinth, which after years of searching for it, I now own. I have seen it over 50 times, I know that much, maybe even over 100.

I currently have about 10 bowie CDs, 3 cassette tapes, and various Bowie performaces on video and movies that I have accquired. Bowie is currently 51, but he doesn't look a day over 20. His music continues to mesmerise me, and I hope he continues with music for a long time. All a person has to do is hear his voice, and listen to it without prejudice that hes "weird" or "not normal", all you need to listen to Bowie, are ears and an open mind. So if this has sparked your curiosity, please look at the Bowie pictures and also the links to more well done Bowie pages.

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