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Sootaput's Cats Page

Cat Fact
There's good reason for calling the cat a hunter. Mickey, an English tabby, caught 22,000 mice in his lifetime, while Minnie, another English tabby, tracked down more than 12,000 rats in the six years she worked at the White City Stadium in London.

Welcome one and all to my Cats Web-Page! Here I am going to put up great Cats links, Cats lyrics, Cats Fan-Fics, and anything else even remotly related to the BEST mucical in the world CATS!

So now I'd like to introduce myself and my companions. My name is Sootaput. At your service. Newest member of the Jellicle Cats.
~A large red feline slinks up behind Sootaput and pushes her away~And I'm Amyflit! Keeper of the Links and Pictures! ~Eg~
~A large male Silver Mau steps up behind Amyflit and crosses his arms over his chest~I am Toby Night-Stalker, protector of the board.

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Yes! I do beleive it's back online Kittens! Sorry for the inconveniance. If it's still screwing up, tough, tell me and I will get right on it!

Sections of the Junkyard
Review of the New Cats Video
Cats Lyrics
What is a "Thwup"?
Amyflit's Cats Links
Cats Fan-FicsUpdated:Sun, Aug.1, 1999
Cats Fan Fics 2Updated:Sun, Aug.1, 1999
Amyflit's Cats Pictures and Such
You Know You Like Cats Far To Much When...Updated:Mon, Aug. 2, 1999(Second Page Added!)
Who is Sootaput?New Pics!
Sootaput's RUGSucks Page!
Minnaloushe's Cats Files
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Cats", Paws and Fur-y
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