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The Campbell Report
Correspondence Chess
Updates, Philosophy and Plans


28 Sept 1998 - Changed the "Chess Links" page to point to the new chess links at
18 Sept 1998 - Changed the 13th USCCC and 14th USCCC pages to point to the new pages at
11 Sept 1998 - Added July/Aug 1998 "The Campbell Report" to the archive.
6 Sept 1998 - Added "Emanuel Lasker, Vol. I (1889-1907) by Egon Varnusz" by John S. Hilbert to "On the Square".
5 Sept 1998 - Added new chess links for "EN PASSANT - Nørresundby Chess Club" and "CHESSOPOLIS!" and announcement about being named "Link of the Month" by the Nørresundby Chess Club (Denmark).
4 Sept 1998 - Added first Edwards-Penquite game to "News & Commentary."
2 Sept 1998 - Added "'Playing by the Rules' ... Right or Wrong" to "On the Square". Added "Readers' Comments" feature. Added Chess-L archive to Chess Links. Modified front page to describe new "Readers' Comments" feature.
31 Aug 1998 - Updated article2.html (Two Faces of cc) to new format and corrected Knudsen's URL.
29 Aug 1998 - Updated section US14P12 (14th USCCC) to include two new competitors.
27 Aug 1998 - Updated chess links page with APCT member Daniel Callahan. Deleted link to old TCCMB. Updated 13th USCCC crosstables (note: not all updates to 13th and 14th USCCC will be noted here).
21 Aug 1998 - Updated chess links page with the new John Knudsen web site. Added commentary on this to the News page. Updated 13th USCCC crosstables.
19 Aug 1998 - Updated 13th USCCC crosstables.
12 Aug 1998 - Added "What, That's My Rating?!" by John P. McCumiskey to "On the Square". Added "News and Commentary" feature.
11 Aug 1998 - Minor changes to link descriptions; added "Stuart the Maniac's Chess Closet" and deleted Edwards.
9 Aug 1998 - Added link to Connecticut Chess magazine and enlarged entry for the Scottish CC Association.
5 Aug 1998 - Added "Confessions of a Rueful Postal Player" by Robert Rizzo to "On the Square".
29 July 1998 - Added "Some Thoughts on Style in Chess" by Rick Melton to "On the Square".
24 July 1998 - Added "A Gentle Glossary (Addendum)."
24 July 1998 - Added Crosstables for the 13th USCCC preliminary round.
23 July 1998 - Added "How My Wife Almost Wrote a Chess Book" by Roy DeVault to "On the Square".
22 July 1998 - Modified chess links page, changed NTC-1 download files to three smaller files (index page and NTC-1 main page).
20 July 1998 - Added "New Chess Glossary" page with contest winners announcement.
18 July 1998 - Added "Confessions of a Lazy CC Competitor" by J. Franklin Campbell to "On the Square".
16 July 1998 - Added dummy "New Chess Glossary" page, enlarged menu of features on index page.
12 July 1998 - Added link on main 14th USCCC page to Chess Mail's other USCCC crosstables, updated chess links page.
7 July 1998 - Linked in 14th USCCC pages for full coverage of prelims.
7 July 1998 - Added 872 game NTC-1 database for downloading (zipping PGN format).
2 July 1998 - Added "Chess Columns: Now and Then" by John S. Hilbert to "On the Square".
30 June 1998 - Added May/June 1998 "The Campbell Report" to archive.
21 June 1998 - Added "Technology is Changing the CC World " by Roy DeVault to "On the Square".
20 June 1998 - Updated "Personal" page.
17 June 1998 - Chess Glossary Contest announcement added to index.html. Chess Glossary Contest page contest.html added.
16 June 1998 - Minor edits to NTC-1 Summary page, plus new header added.
15 June 1998 - Added ratings to NTC-1 crosstables and added description of ratings to ntc1.html page.
11 June 1998 - Added two reviews of L&HC to "Chess Reviews" page
10 June 1998 - Added "Chess Glossary"
9 June 1998 - Added "Postal Chess ... Something Special", "Chess 'Etiquette'", "Future of Postal Chess" pages, added Retrograde Analysis site to Links page
7 June 1998 - Added new Chess Reviews page
4 June 1998 - Added "A Century Ago in Correspondence Chess" by John Hilbert to "On the Square", reformatted monthly and philosop pages
29 May 1998 - Added "Two Generations, Generations Ago" by John Hilbert to "On the Square"
21 May 1998 - Added Guestbook, added several new links to the chess links page, added "Dual Commentary of Chess Games" article to "On the Square"
18 May 1998 - Redesigned chess links page and ntc-1 main page with new look.
14 May 1998 - Redesigned main page with new look, added "Obligations of a Team Player" article to "On the Square", added NTC-1 tournament report pages (no games).
6 May 1998 - Redesigned main page, philosophy page, APCT menu page.
5 May 1998 - Moved "Defensive Resources in Chess" article to "On the Square"
3 May 1998 - Added "On Style in Chess Play" by Roy DeVault to "On the Square"
2 May 1998 - Revised Links page; Added "Meta Tags" for listings with Search Engines.
28 April 1998 - Added "Stalking the Blue-Eyed Chess Score" by John Hilbert to "On the Square".
26 April 1998 - Added "Defensive Resources in Chess" article; added diagrams to APCT columns.

The Philosophy and Plans for this site

17 April 1998

My goal in these pages is to provide information on my favorite subject of correspondence chess (cc). The first step of providing a selection of my previously published articles and APCT News Bulletin columns from the last few years is complete. Next I plan to start publishing a regular column, perhaps on a weekly basis, to provide information and opinion concerning topics pertinent to cc. Guest columnists will also appear from time to time. I welcome the involvement of fellow chess enthusiasts. Hopefully, I'll get some interesting feedback and suggestions concerning topics of interest. There will likely be little analysis of chess positions or other such "technical" material. Rather, I'll emphasize the human side of the game and discuss such things as chess ethics, trends, tournament results (when available), reviews and opinions,interesting stories and perhaps a little humor. I will not shy away from controversial subjects or statements of opinion.

When I obtain the use of a scanner I'll put up a selection of my chess cartoons (LunchBag Art) and photos of interest to chess enthsiasts. The emphasis will be on cc, but I won't entirely ignore Over-The-Board (OTB) chess. My intent is to avoid lots of graphics (which slow down page loading) and emphasize the written word. Let me know what you think. As a novice to the web page world I may miss problems that show up on different size monitors (I use a 17 inch) or other web software (I use Netscape 3). Please let me know if you spot any problems or have any suggestions for improvement.

J. Franklin Campbell
Mason, Michigan USA