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J. Franklin Campbell

Personal Information

Full Name: James Franklin Campbell (I go by "Franklin")
Residence: Mason, Michigan (USA)
Born: 26 April 1942 in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA)
Married to: Anne Gillies Campbell
Daughter: Margaret (Meg) Webb
Grandson: Tobias (Toby) Webb

I currently live in Mason, Michigan, a town of about 7,000 just south of the Michigan capital city Lansing, Michigan and near Michigan State University (MSU). I live here in a 150 year old Italianette style house just a block from the center of town with my wife, daughter and grandson. I seldom play chess in the area, preferring to stick to correspondence chess. However, I can easily walk to the post office, town hall, bank and several other facilities, which are all within a few blocks. Isn't small town life wonderful?

I learned to play OTB as a senior in High School in 1959 where I was a High School chess team teammate of well-known chess journalist Roy DeVault. I played in the Tulsa, Oklahoma chess club, where I got a chance to play a number of former and current state champions. I won the Kansas State Championship tournament in 1966. After college and marriage, I played for many years in the Sven Brask Chess Club in Massachusetts, winning the club championship twice. My OTB rating peaking at 2100+.

I started playing postal chess in 1964 with Al Horowitz's Chess Review magazine in the Golden Knights (USCF later purchased this magazine and now runs these postal chess events). A few years later I discovered the CCLA and have been a member for many years. Over ten years ago I saw the vastly superior magazine published by APCT and switched to that organization. After a few years I started my current column "The Campbell Report" in that magazine, APCT News Bulletin. My postal rating with APCT has passed the 2200 mark on two occasions, perhaps my proudest moments in chess.

Member of: APCT, CCLA, ASPCC, USCF (Life), Chess Journalists of America (CJA), Michigan State Chess Assoc., American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Chess Activities: Play CC with APCT and ICCF.

Journlistic Activities: Have written "The Campbell Report" in APCT News Bulletin for ten years, have been published is several other magazines such as The Chess Journalist, floridaChess, King's Korner, Chess Mail.

Other Chess Activities: Photographer for 1985 Match of Champions (Lev Alburt vs. Nigel Short), current webmaster for "The Campbell Report - Correspondence Chess" on the Internet.

Profession: Computer programmer/analyst.

I am looking for a job as a computer programmer or Internet Web Page designer near my home in Mason, Michigan (which is in the Lansing, MI area). If you're interested, check out my resume.

Last updated on 20 June 1998