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The Campbell Report

Cover Letter for the NTC-1 Assignments


February 14, 1991


Dear Chessfriend:

Welcome to this historic event! For the first time, all the major correspondence organizations meet in competition. To the victor goes $500, the United States Championship Trophy and most importantly, all the bragging rights. Second place is $250. The best player on each board will receive a Victory Certificate and a correspondence chess book prize from either the U.S. Correspondence Championship or the Anglo-Pacific Invitational. Both are being written at this time.

This event is like no other you have played in so carefully follow all instructions. This event is not a social quarterly! This is professional chess at its best. All rules will be enforced! Your games will be internationally rated--a critical step to getting your international masters rating which is in turn a necessary item for an IM title. Your games will be reviewed and published not only by your club journalists, but by international journalists as well. This event is a giant addition in the culture of U.S. correspondence chess.


You play two games against each opponent on your board number; one game with white and one game with black. Four organizations have the full complement of 50 boards. NOST has a special handicap due to its size. NOST has 34 players and skips every third board. Therefore, players on boards 1 and 2 have 8 games each while players on Board 3 have 6 games as there is no NOST opponent.


An ICCF Rules and Statutes booklet on titles and ratings is available from this office. Be sure to report your results to your team captain as well as the tournament secretary.

The tournament secretary will send his first report to ICCF-U.S. after six months of play. Every three months thereafter, the tournament secretary will provide updates of results. ICCF-U.S. will make these reports available to all team captains, clubs, and journalists. At the end of the first and second year of play and at the conclusion of the event all players will receive by direct mail the current standings.

At the starting time of this event, we have been unable to obtain a commercial sponsor as hoped. There may be a subsequent advertisement mailing by a backer of the event who might be willing to provide additional funds to help over expenses and prizes in return for advertising.

If you have a question, as your team captain.


Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Good luck, and Good Chess!

Max Zavanelli
ICCF-U.S. Secretary

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