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Brian's Bio


Full Name-Brian Thomas Littrell

Birthdate-February 20,1975

Birthplace-Lexington, KY



Current Residence-Orlando, FL

Hair-Dirty Blond


Parents-Harold and Jackie

Shoe size-10

Worst Habit-Biting his Nails

Goal in Life-To get married and to have a family someday.

Fave color-Blue

Junk food-Bubble Gum

Fave movies-Star Wars, School Ties, Ace Ventura:Pet Detective

Fave TV Shows-Friends, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Fave Perfume-Safari

Fave Actors-Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks

Fave Actresses-Sandra Bullock, Pamela Anderson, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg

Fave Music-Babyface, Boyz II Men, Brian McNight, Bobby Brown, Blackstreet, Jodeci, Luther Vandross, Shai


Check this kinda of freaky, funny, psychadelic like Brian pic!!!

And here's a kinda funky, sexy pic of him!!!

As most of you know, Brian recently underwent heart surgery. Sources say that he is recvering well, and that he is up and walking! Also, he doesn't want cards and gifts. He would like you, instead, to donate money to some of his charities. For more information please click below.

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