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What Makes These Dolls Different

Only Hearts Club dolls are special for many reasons:
  • When I originally saw these dolls both online and in the store, I thought all of them except Anna Sophia had the exact same face mold. I was wrong! The dolls don't only have original hairstyles. They also have different and unique face molds. It's not until I picked them up and studied them that I noticed many differences that do not show up at all in online store stock photos. There's a doll with two dimples. One doll has one dimple. Another has no dimples. One has a closed mouth. Because the dolls are so small, it's difficult to get these to show up in photos (for example, Anna Sophia has little creases under her eyes), and the dolls really have to be studied in person. The below graphic shows the differences with some of the dolls. If you can help with a close-up of one of the Only Hearts Club dolls not already pictured, please share...thank you!
  • They have inset, not painted-on eyes (mostly reserved for very collectible and expensive dolls!). The zoom of Anna Sophia below shows the eyes and how they are "inset" rather than painted on. Also, check ou the eyebrows...little "hairs" instead of one curved line, as many larger-sized dolls have. This is amazing when you realize the doll's head is only 1" wide.
  • They're small enough at 9" to collect several since they won't take up much room. Why not pose one sitting on a bookshelf or put the chef doll atop the cookie jar in your kitchen?
  • The dolls and their accessories are very affordable for young and old alike.
  • They're poseable! This is one of the most unique things about them. For anyone who has not yet owned a poseable doll, owning one is more fun than a full vinyl doll, because they can more easily sit in a chair, "walk," etc. Kids love to be able to pose their dolls more realistically. If you are an adult collector and want to set these up for display, you will appreciate this feature as well! The zoom below shows the way the dolls are crafted. The body itself (other than the hands and head) is material with a poseable armature. If you don't like this look, long-sleeved shirts and pants cover up most of it, and it is not quite as noticeable as it is in the zoom, since the dolls are smaller than this.
  • The dolls have personalities and books that tell their stories.
  • For child collectors, they are a nice, more modest alternative to some of the other "fashion doll" lines available. The clothing is extremely detailed. Since I sew for a hobby, I was shocked at the detail used on such small clothing.
  • Details! The dolls and their clothing are loaded with details for being at such a small scale. You might be surprised by lined pockets or beading. The below photo shows a detail on Anna...their hair is more than one tone! She also has two miniature braids in her hair. (They're a little hard to spot in my photos....the one above pictures it better.)
  • Here's another detail. Lily has freckles all over her face, including her chin, making her a more realistic, highly freckled doll than dolls that only have freckles on their noses. (Remember, the dolls' faces are only 1" across!)
  • Don't be surprised when you take off your doll's shoes...the Only Hearts Club dolls don't have feet with toes, and their shoes are somewhat empty even when they're wearing them. This makes the clothing easy to change and their feet will fit into any of the shoes, whether sneakers or shoes with heels. My Anna doll has very small feet (more like nubs), while my Lily's are longer, so it can vary by doll.

  • Are you having a hard time choosing which Only Hearts Club doll you would like to get first? If so, maybe it would help to know which girl you're most like. Take the test below to find out! Feel free to answer more than one option on each question. (The answers are based on the Only Hearts Club doll profiles from the official website.)

    For your hobby, what are you most likely to wear?
    (a) An apron.
    (b) A sports uniform.
    (c) A tutu.
    (d) A day-pack.
    (e) A riding outfit.
    (f) Clothing that is okay to get pet dander on.

    You have a little down-time for a peaceful activity. What are people most likely to find you doing?
    (a) Perusing a cookbook.
    (b) Watching a sports show.
    (c) Playing a musical instrument.
    (d) Looking at my collection of nature items.
    (e) Reading a horse magazine.
    (f) Holding a pet.

    It's an entire day where you can wear whatever you want! What would you most likely wear?
    (a) Khaki pants.
    (b) Faux fur.
    (c) A comfortable exercise outfit.
    (d) Capris and a funky hat.
    (e) A jacket or shirt featuring my favorite club.
    (f) A vest and jeans.

    What sounds like your dream job?
    (a) Chef.
    (b) Professional athlete.
    (c) Well-known musician.
    (d) Trail guide.
    (e) Horse trainer.
    (f) Veterinarian.

    You have a full weekend off. How would you spend your time?
    (a) Baking several foods or creating a new recipe
    (b) Practicing for sports teams
    (c) Doing anything involving music
    (d) Camping
    (e) Spending time with my horse
    (f) Playing with pets

    You just got a brand-new puppy. Of the following names, which would you most like to name your puppy?
    (a) Bubulina
    (b) Longefellow
    (c) Dotcom
    (d) Cupcake
    (e) Sniff
    (f) Patches

    And what type of puppy is it?*
    (a) Other
    (b) Dachshund
    (c) Dalmatian
    (d) Terrier
    (e) Golden retriever
    (f) Beagle
    (* I'm not a dog expert, so most of these are guesses!)

    What hairstyle is closest to yours?
    (a) Straight and brown
    (b) Curly and brown, without bangs
    (c) Straight blonde
    (d) Red
    (e) Curly and brown, with bangs
    (f) Curly blonde

    Count up all of your answers and see which letter you chose most often.

    If you got mostly As, you are most like Anna Sophia.
    If you got mostly Bs, you are most like Briana Joy.
    If you got mostly Cs, you are most like Karina Grace.
    If you got mostly Ds, you are most like Lily Rose.
    If you got mostly Es, you are most like Olivia Hope.
    If you got mostly Fs, you are most like Taylor Angelique.

    Check back! I hope to update this after reading the books and knowing more about the characters. And remember that you can find out more about the dolls by reading their profiles on the official website.

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