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That's right, after months of morning the loss of my site to the corporate big wigs at WB, It's back. I recieved an e-mail on the 17th of May from DC comics stating that they never sent the initial letter telling me to close down, it was all a hoax. They then proceeded to tell me how sorry they were and how the actually found nothing wrong with my site. After reading this letter I felt a renewed passion for my site, so I decided to whipe my slate clean, get a new address, and see what I can create. I hope you all enjoy the new, improved, "THE SECRET: AN UNOFFICIAL WEBSITE"!!

August 17th/18th/21rst 1999

On the 17th I made a quick 5 question quiz so you can test you Secret Knowledge, just a hint, most of the answers can be found on this page. I also got rid of the Guestbook, it was more trouble thatn it was worth. On the 18th I made a form much like a guestbook, that sends directly to my e-mail address, making it easier for me to hear your thoughts and opinions. This can be found in the Contact Me Section. On the 21rst, I added four new pictures to the galleries, giving a total of 34 secret pictures! I also made a major update on Secret's bio, you should check it out.