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The Aftermath (following Vatican II)

The Apocrypha (with Joe Hardhat)

Baptism & Born Again (with Joe Hardhat)

Reason to Believe in the existence of God

The Bible is the Only Authority?

Class Struggle

The Cloud of Witnesses (Angels and Saints)

The Eucharist (with Joe Hardhat)

Dr. FeelGood - A New Brand of Scoundrel

Dr. FeelGood Meets the Lay-Men (Subverting the Church)

Formative Years

Regarding Homosexuality

Intolerance (The Bane of Christianity?)

Justification for Salvation (with Joe Hardhat)

Mary (Do Catholics have a Biblical view?)

The New Testament Canon (with Joe Hardhat)

The Papacy (with Joe Hardhat)

Pride (The Seven Capital Sins)

Purgatory (with Joe Hardhat)

Reconciliation (The Forgotten Sacrament?)

Relativism - The Demolition of Truth

The Resurrection (Hoax or History?)

Salvation Sound Bites (from the Catholic Catechism)

Tradition and the Catholic Church

Christian Unity - Is there hope?


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