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Who are Led Zeppelin?

  • Jimmy Page: guitars
  • John Bonham: drums, percussion
  • John Paul Jones: bass, piano, organ
  • Robert Plant: vocals

Hello everyone and welcome to my Zeppelin page! I admit I dont have time, and to a point, not enough creativity to do outstanding updating. Yet, thats least on my mind. I want all you Led Zeppelin fans to enjoy my page and what it holds, and if you have ANY creative or informational suggestions, please email me.
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Here is my new guestbook, my old one at DREAMBOOK crashed when it hit 100 entries. So i guess we start over!

Thanks for stopping by my Zeppelin page, and dont forget to the sign the guestbook to let me know there are still ZepHeads upon us! Thank you and come again soon!!

Click here for my personal review on the 1998 Page/Plant Concert in Detroit!

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