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Lady in White

Softly she walks, moving delicately... with grace, style and beauty, she embodies all three. She moves as a swan swimming on a calm lake, or a slowly falling white snowflake.

Her flowing, white dress seems to sway with care... carefully, as though it dare not disturb the air. Flowing gently to the ground, but leaving ankles bare... to show two white feet, quite beautiful and rare.

O flowing white dress, can you possibly be aware, that you make your mistress even more fair? The curves you add to her cannot be denied, in elegance you've succeeded, where others have tried.

My lady of wonder is wearing a golden shawl, wrapped around a neck which could embody a Siren's call. Its ends flow down toward her beautiful breasts, the part of her body which I almost like best.

Though her long flowing hair still makes me inclined to believe that nature has blessed her in kind. It flows gently down her back, shimmering with splendor, making me wonder if Heaven had sent her.

This relaxing beauty, who moves through the crowd seems unaware of the beauty with which she's endowed. People pass quickly, hardly giving a glance, not taking time to drink in her essence.

As I watch her from afar, joy enters my heart at the sight of her radiance, my love can now start. My heart can now deal with the yearning which I cope... lady of grace, you have given me hope!

I watch you and notice that you are not aware, of your effect on me and others who dare, allow themselves to behold your soul, for whom Heaven's bells surely must toll.

My soul is overflowing with a wondrous zeal, for the lady whose splendor lends such appeal. For years have I dreamed of this one I behold, I never would have thought this tale could be told.

She moves with a motion as though no one's around... slowly and carefully, her feet hasten no sound. I watch her face, which words barely portray... language has few words for this beauty of day.

I ponder her face, and the emotions it portrays... enamored, am I, by the one whom I gaze. She seems to be in life's good graces, Happily discovering its wondrous places.

Now my lady stands so close to me here, that her eyes, I notice, are so bright that they sear. Would that for hours I could look into those eyes, and know that her love would be my sorrow's demise.

This maid's golden hair, which flows down her head, shimmers with splendor, and more curves do they add. These curves us men like, and who can explain? But if curves were a sin, I'm not one to complain.

As I stand gazing at this splendor-filled dame, I'm so overwhelmed, I can't remember my name. Beautiful mistress, you have captivated me... please, oh sweet girl, just leave my heart be.

For what if I see you, but you're not to be found, I'll be so heartbroken, after gaining no ground. You have suddenly become my heart's only desire, a passion burns within me, an unquenchable fire.

Would that my longing could be my shyness' demise... to see deep in your soul, for which my heart now cries. Thou maiden of beauty, and sweet innocence... I stand here despising my shy reticence.

For if love would I have, then bold will I be, though not impudent or seeking love recklessly. To seek to know you, I promise, my dear, this I will do, until my heart you'll be near.

Would that the future could, in surprise, hide the blessing of you as my beautiful bride. If love would grant that our hearts we could share, then waiting shall almost be more than I can bear.

If love is not now, but tomorrow shall be, then sorrow will be a companion to me. But if there was one thing that I could pray, it would be that tomorrow could be here today.

This one is not mine, I am sorry to say....but has left such a touching memory in my head. It was written for my sister...but her love. If only my love would write for me in such a way. I would be lost in love