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To know what is deep inside my heart.....
Where only I can go......................
To read my thoughts,
As if you can.
Would boggle your mind.
For deep in there, inside my soul my secret love does grow.

Hence forth, I can not live without the thought of him.
I can not breathe the air.
To know he is out there somewhere, and I can not touch him.
I can not feel him, or smell his sweet scent.
To capture him beneath my wings and know he is mine.

Ahhh such secrets! I do have.
Of long, lustful nights of love,
of waking in his arms, to see the sun rise upon his face.
To know the touch of his sweet lips,
upon my body, tenderly, gently caressing me,
the way only he can do.
These are secrets....I have hidden in my soul,
and now I share them with you.

I can tell you.
How much I love him, and how he drives me mad.
How much I want him, and how me makes me sad.
How I thirst for his life as he enters mine.
And how I would lie down and die for him,
without asking why.

Step back, do not touch me.
Do not speak to me, do not lie.
Do not tell me false words of love.
For I can not hear you anyway.
I am lost in thoughts of him.
Ahhhh my secret love have I.

I close my eyes, and there he stands.
He is getting closer now.
So close I can almost see him......but no,
there is nothing but a shadow there.
Where did my secret love go?

Come to me, please don't go.
Make me smile, fill my nights with love for you.
Take me to places I have never been.
Lie me down upon the soft sand.
Cover me with your body sweet,
And love me as I have loved you.

Come into the light....let me see your face.
Let me touch your skin.
Let me lie my weary head upon your chest.
Let me know that you are not a secret anymore.

Alexandria Hamed 1-7-98