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It is cold outside, as I sit here watching the snow fall, my mind wanders.
The hidden thoughts of the mind are wonders if you know where to look.
To reach inside and pull an inspiration from your thoughts is a miracle of life. is a winter heart's hope, I sit here with thinking of him.

I sit here this winter night, looking up to the stars.
knowing he is out there, but where?
Does he know me? Does he think of me?
I seek only to know him, to be captured in his arm's.
I have heard his voice, ahhhhhh the sound it makes.
I have told him, things I would never tell another.

The snow is falling upon the night.
Dreams are filling my head with thoughts of him.
Of making love to him...before the flames of this hot fire before me here.
Of passionate body's rolling around, entwined into each others arms.
Of ruby red lips, that kisses my body and makes me melt.
Of flesh upon flesh and nothing but air between our body's.

These are thoughts that come in the cold of the night, a Winter Heart's Hope.
I am a young woman, with passion to burn.
What else will I think about if not of him.
A tear from my eye, ahhhhh he comes,
to kiss it away, to take upon his tongue,
to slide down his throat,
to keep in his heart, to quench his thirst.

I am his, he is mine. Ahhhh my Winter Heart Hope's on a cold winter night. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 



Alexnadria Hamed 1-7-98