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Fond Memories of My Sister Tara and her Yellow Sneakers

Yellow Sneakers

The guys would not let me join
when they played basketball.
They mostly just ignored me,
like I wasn't there at all.

I thought it was my shoes
that may not be just so...
I begged my Mom for money
and shopping I did go.

In the isle of the store
wherein the shoes reside,
I found exactly what was right
and picked them up with pride.

A pair of yellow sneakers,
my very favorite color...
Especially for basketball
and meant for nothing other.

I knew that this would do the trick
I'd finally get to play
There's no way they could shut me out
on this very special day.

I donned my cap and tied my shoes
a smile upon my face.
Excitement overtook me,
as to the court I raced.

The guys had just arrived as well,
my heart was in a whirl.
They stared down at my yellow sneaks
and coldly yelled: "NO GIRLS!"

Copyright 1998, by Alexandria Hamed All rights reserved

Gypsy Moon

Beneath a pale moon
she moves with grace
gently swaying to a silent tune
light from the fire caressing her face.

Bare feet whisper in the dark
upon the dew kissed grass

softly as the song of the lark
reminding her of memories past.

Children's laughter ringing in her mind
with visions as bright as copper pennies
take her back to a time
when she wore a pair of yellow tennies.

As she dances round the fire
her feet barely touch the ground
she does not tire
and her sprit soars unbound.

Alexandria (June 1998)

Copyright 1998 by Alexandria Hamed, All rights reserved