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Images of My Mind


Twist and turn the emotions within my breast
So tied in knots that I may never find rest
For lost is the love I thought forever mine
And more so now are my emotions entwined
Yet a fire burns strong inside me still
Heartstrings tangled I'll not forget how to feel
The red ribbons on which my heart is strung
Pulled tight from the pain upon which they are hung
Like a spider webs maze they are my emotional past
Where the pain and pleasures of my life are cast
A glowing red rope, a kiss that none can surpass
A dull amber thread the time he kissed me last
He laughed at the bounty of my emotional deeds
While plucking my heartstrings for all his needs
Frazzled and frayed yet are my emotions intact
I now know that his love was no more than an act
So from my heart I now banish and lock him out
I am better off without him of that I have no doubt

Dedicated to all the young and old that have loved and lost on the Internet

Alexnadria (June 1998)

Copyright 1998 by Alexnadria Hamed, All rights reserved

Into The Light

Who calls to me from darkest night
when I with dreams upon my mind,
who beckons me from this deep sleep...
what is it that he hopes to find.

The laughter of my nature,
passion's fire in my eyes...
unveiling of my spirit,
betraying my disguise.

With openness and daring
I fly into the light,
abandonment of pretense
revealing all to sight.

Secure in caring's truth of bond
and knowing a true friend,
I offer up my heart to him
in a love that will not end.

Alexandria (June 1998)

Copyright 1998 by Alexandria Hamed, All rights reserved