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Computer Fun

and URL and all...
This is a different world by far,
than back when I was small.

Cache instead of cash
and Navigator Gold...
a foreign language still to some,
but still the forces grow.

And let's give equal credit
to Microsoft IE.
Without such innovations,
wherever would we be?

Unix and Dos
and Windows95...
Whatever is he saying?
I Don't understand this jive.

Scandisk and Defrag your drives...
What was that he said?
Is he talking dirty?
Confusion in my head.

I think she was a writer.
"No, silly you," he said,
"and also there are spiders."

Spiders?? Where??
I cleaned today.
"On the Web",
is all he'd say.

Perl and JAVA,
frames and more...
My head is spinning,
where's the door?

by Alexandria 6-6-98

copyrighted all rights reserved