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A Love To Late

 This Poem was written for all of you that have loved someone...that you
 just didn't feel you had a chance with. A word of Advice. If love come
 grab it, chase it, fight for it, do what ever you have to, for when it is 
 gone you can't get it back.

She was my dream girl yes indeed,
With blue eyes and blonde hair.
She was five feet six inches tall,
To me that was not quite fair.

You see I'm only five foot two,
And yes, you ask, that's short.
She sat up in the starboard bow,
And I was in the port.

I wanted dearly to say her name,
It sang just like a bird.
Except when I started,
No word would come.

She was so beautiful, yes it's true,
To me and to everyone she knew.
That's why she wouldn't want me,
Because I'm not as fun,
because I'm not all that beautiful,
out in the bright yellow sun.

Well one day I saw a page,
It was from the news.
This girl was in an accident,
She had many things to lose.

She was in pain for awhile,
So, I went to see her.
I had to go, she was life to me,
I had to know.
The nurse said,"She has just woke up,
But that she couldn't speak, sir."

That's all right for me you see,
For my love was true.
I just wanted to be with her,
hopeing to keep her from feeling blue.
When she spoke, I went inside,
There beneith her bed I stood.
And she said,"I Love You."

She said she loved me for awhile,
And that she never thought,
I would love her back, the words,
just broke my heart.
She said she was just afraid.
But then she said she didn't think,
That I would feel that way.

This moment was the good and bad,
And what she said was great.
When I tried to say I did,
It seemed it was too late.

She died that day in her place,
Right upon that bed.
I took her by her hand,
And kissed her on her head.

Ever since then, I have never,
Loved a girl that way.
I will never, in my life,
Forget what happen that day...

by Alexandria Hamed
All Rights Reserved (1998)