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A Fool Like Me

                           I fear I might have made a fool of 
                           myself for I think I have said too much.
                           I think I might have gone too far for 
                           I have done more than I should.

                           I fear my heart is going to burst 
                           with the pain that this has induced.
                           I fear it is going to die for this 
                           love I think may be forever gone.

                           I'm afraid I might have delayed too 
                           long and not seized the day, 
                           I fear I might have held back a little 
                           too much and not expressed in time.

                           And yet the words intense and 
                           deep have come so strong too soon,
                           And these crazy actions of mine 
                           perhaps a touch too present.

                           I never know or understand the 
                           balance we so much need.
                           I never could tell and never did 
                           know this heart beat not for me.
                           I may have blown it, and I may 
                           have lost and yet I know I 'm true.

                           For what can you do when love rejects 
                           and another's heart embrace?
                           The winner, the victor true, he takes it all.
                           And the crumbs beneath the table you find 
                           were not at all your own.

                           Alexandria Hamed
                           Copyright  reserved '96