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Literature has been with us throughtout most of our human exsistance. From time and time again we have shown and displayed to others our emotions, thoughts, dream, fears, aspirations,and/or dark twisted desires. Whether it be a murder classic, or a vampire in the streets of New Orleans, literature comes to us in one shape or another, and has affects on all our souls. Here are a collection of Mine.

Escape From Reality is a collection of such stories from various times in my life. Each have their own plots, theme, and meaning. Characters twisited by our own dark minds. Within is more than a story, it is piece of that mind which is silent. I hope you enjoy these Poem's as much as I have come to. Enjoy my children of the night.

God Doesn't hear our Cries
The Watcher
I Touch
All My Fault
You and I

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