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Xi'an Xi'an: Once known as the Desert Ghost, Xi'an Chi Xan is the former leader of the X-Men, now Head of the Xavier City Council. A man who works to keep the dream of Professor X alive, his mutant ability to touch something and heal with one hand or destroy with the other, added to his keen intellect and devotion to mutantkind, make him a force to be reckoned with.
Cerebra Cerebra: Shakti Haddad is the founder of X-Nation, and the driving force of the X-Men. Shakti is also a member of the Xavier City Council. Once possessing telepathic powers, Shakti's nervous system has been destroyed and her powers seemingly with them after mental contact with the robot named Franklin. Shakti is now confined to a wheelchair.
Krystalin Krystalin: The ability to form crystals out of thin air, to her own requirements, makes Krystalin Porter a vital member of the X-Men, though not as dedicated to the cause as some of her friends, she is one of the original founders of the X-Men of 2099, joining at the same time as Meanstreak, her best friend.
Meanstreak Meanstreak: The fastest man alive, leaving a blur behind him as he uses his power, Henri Huang went missing before the Phalanx War, somehow returning in time for the expedition of Earth's heroes in to space to breach the barrier surrounding the planet. How he returned and where he was remains a mystery.
La Lunatica La Lunatica: Almost feral, Luna is the least trusted of the X-Men despite having proved herself many times. Possessing vast strength, dense skin and the ability to feed of the emotional pain of others via touch, she has begun to hunger for emotion more now that she has lost the love of her life, Tim Fitzgerald.
Metalhead Metalhead: Edward 'Eddie' Van Beethoven is the powerhouse of the X-Men thanks to his ferromorphic abilities. Once trapped in his metallic form, he has only recently regained the ability to return to normal.
Morphine Somers Morphine Somers: Formerly a member of Doom's cabinet, now a Council member in Xavier City, Morphine has the power to rapidly age whatever he touches. Bearing a striking resemblance to Gambit, and a name closely linked with Cyclops, Morphine is a wild card, whose game plan works out to the benefit of one man - himself.
Victor Ten Eagles Victor Ten Eagles: The human link in the Xavier City Council, Victor Ten Eagles is the voice of humanity in Xavier City. A master tech-smith, he sports a bionic arm of his own design, and is one of the few people who knew Xi'an in the old days, riding with him as a member of the Lawless.
Dust Dust: A powerful psion with a life span of 150 years, he is a man who needs forgiveness from all those who have worn and now wear the X... including himself.

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Series Writer: David Wheatley

#1 - "To All Things A Beginning..." (The Future Begins Here Part 1)
#2 - "The Times They Have A-Changed" (The Future Begins Here Part 2)
#3 - "Light Of Darkness"
#4 - "Drama And Tragedy" (Family Part 1)
#5 - "Origin Of The Species" (Family Part 2)
#6 - "The Die Is Cast" (Family Part 3)
#7 - "Reunion and Disunity"
#8 - "I'll Be There For You" (Heir War Part 1)
#9 - "Ashes to Ashes; Dust, Exodus" (Heir War Part 2)


Annual #1 "The Last Place" (A Family Tie-In) by David Wheatley

Marvel-X Award
1st Marvel-X Awards
Favourite Single
Issue (#1)

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