gable room

The gable room is the largest of my guest rooms, more of a suite actually. It also has the best view of all the rooms in my saltbox. You can see Marblehead and Beverly as well as Baker's Island, which inspired one of my stories. On the window seat you will find 25 stories that will hopefully broaden your horizons.

Accidental Overdose - (October 2008) An aging publishing mogul meets an old friend who claims to have discovered the secret of turning back the hands of time.
Born Unlucky - (August 2008) A hunchbacked young man becomes the batboy, team mascot and good luck charm for the early New York Yankees.
The Busybody - (January 2009) When the neighborhood snoop identifies a man she thinks is a killer at large, no one believes her.
Chester the Cat - (May 2008) The pet cat at the Laurel Springs nursing home has an uncanny ability: it can tell when one of the patients is about to die.
The Christmas Visitor - (December 2008) When the Conklin family invites a senior citizen into their home for the holiday season, they are unaware of her true identity.

bed and wing chair

Expecting - (November 2008) After moving into their dream house, a couple learns they are going to be parents. Soon after, the wife, believing there is a ghost in the house, becomes obsessed with religion.
The Eye of God - (October 2008) A man is wrongly imprisoned in Eastern State Penitentiary for murdering his wife. He is only able to endure the solitary confinement when his wife's ghost visits him.
The Final Victim - (May 2008) Within ten years of a movie's release, five of its young stars die, leaving only one remaining star alive. The surviving actress fears that she will be the next and last victim of the cursed movie.
Fully Automated - (October 2008) While his car is being repaired, a busy accountant takes a walk down Main Street and realizes how much automation has changed the face of the small town.
Gone But Not Forgotten - (October 2008) After a beloved player is killed in an automobile accident, a Yankee Stadium groundskeeper becomes a sportswriter with dreams of writing the dead star's biography. When he begins researching the player's life, he learns the truth about what happended during the night of the accident.

gable window

Kaleidoscope - (July 2008) After a young woman's husband is killed in World War II, she and her young son go to live with her husband's grandmother, who she's never met. The young boy is delighted to learn that his great-grandmother is a toymaker and that her toys have magical qualities.
Last Will and Testament - (September 2008) When her mother dies, a self-centered young woman inherits everything her mother owned.
More Like Me - (January 2009) An intolerant businesswoman wishes everyone could be more like her. Then she gets her wish, and she isn't happy about it.
Mother Naomi - (September 2008) A little boy escapes his unhappy home to sit in front of Mother Naomi's rocking chair and hear her wondrous stories.
My Hero - (January 2009) When a terminally ill child meets his sports hero, he realizes some idols have feet of clay.

chairs and table

Night of the Full Moon - (July 2008) They say the full moon makes people do crazy things. In Salem, Massachusetts, on the night of one full moon, a teacher enters the police station and accuses one of his students of being a witch.
The Radio - (January 2009) At an estate sale, an elderly man purchases an antique radio. It broadcasts programs no other radio can pick up.
The Relic - (August 2008) To save his daughter from the clutches of the Inquisition, a poor fisherman buys a religious relic from an unscrupulous friar.
Seclusion - (November 2008) Two newlywed writers take a working vacation in a Victorian mansion in rural Maine. After her husband goes missing, the wife learns the house was the scene of a brutal murder.
The Seventh Child - (June 2008) A pregnant woman who believes she is carrying six children learns there is a seventh baby after the first six are removed by Caesarean section.

bed and pillow

Short N Sweet - (June 2008) A lonely man hoping to meet a compatible young woman joins an online dating service. He then learns that in the cyber world people aren't always what they claim to be.
Strangers in an Airport - (August 2008) In true Hitchcock fashion, a man waiting for a delayed flight strikes up a conversation with a fellow traveller in an airport bar. He jokingly agrees to murder the other man's wife in exchange for having his own wife murdered.
The Sword - (June 2008) A young actor gets a job at a Renaissance Faire and wants to get a more realistic looking sword than the one his employer provides. He goes to a local flea market and purchases a sword with a dubious past.
Truth in the Eyes - (January 2009) Two scientists invent a revolutionary crime-solving device: a camera that can photograph the images on the retina of a murder victim.
The Voices - (October 2008) Searching for rocks for a science project, a high school boy climbs to the top of a local mountain trail, to a spot called Stokes Point, where he hears strange disembodied voices.

window with ocean view

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