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Well the 3.83.17 ViperBot setup is still out there for download.

It includes the MDAC and VBRun files in the setup.

Site News

The Viper Pit has both a SPCN Chatroom for chatting or Live help. We also have a Proboard forum to post Viper questions or make suggestions for the Manual.

Viper Program News

I am wanting help to begin work on an additional connection dll to connect with SPCN chat servers.

The Universal Connection dll could work

Nick/Ident is also now supposed to work and the gatekeeper problem may be solved in this one...

How you all been I am on Sparkpea, still trying to make Viper connect but to no avail.

If any of you wish to talk stop by my room and say Hi and I will help you out if possible with any questions you may have. There is NO Guest ban in my room so if you dont want to fill out a profile you can visit my room and I will talk Viper with you. I miss the old days myself and not many chatters left in the world it seems. Facebook and twitter are the new chat, myself I am not interested in that, lol. Drop in say hi people...

And if you want to try and talk with Viper, In this folder is the vconnection folder and the VTS folder for Viper to connect to Net4110 Chat. All you do is replace the existing folders with these. DO NOT FORGET to register the MSNConnectionVProxy.dll in the vconnection folder after you install.

Viper DOES NOT work perfectly but it connects and connects in <>. Hopefully if we get enough interest for Viper again and we work at it, we might just figure out a way to get Viper fully functional. Access menus can cause Viper to disconnect, Viper Messages (onjoin, and response files) do not work yet and user commands are not fuctioning. This is still a promising site and the owners are coders and willing to help.

In the Chat html, locate user role and place your sex (male, female, ect) into the ""

On Viper Chat screen, add your registered chat name using the database editor making sure all the cookie fields say Null and in the last field box on the right side (hover your mouse pointer over it ) that says UserRole, add your sex there.

Fill out the Create Room screen under the create tab and hit create. It should make your room for you.

Net4110 Chat -
Contains a help file to the chat server.

Happy Vipering!!