STRV 103B paint ball tank

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10 Apr 06

On this page I will document my attempt at design and building the STRV 103B

Pictures with the blue border are clickable!

After a bit of discussion on the RCTANKCOMBAT mail list, I got to thinking 'is it possible to make this tank work'!! I believe I can do it, only time can tell if I was correct

The first line drawings that set me off

some functions of the orginal I will have to try to emulate

I started to prototype the lower hull from cardboard moving boxes, it is going to be big

cardboard cutout with 1/35th model

here is some of the partially completed lower hull
showing the angles for the floor plate showing the inside of the floor plates, they are held together with cable ties and glue (will glass at a later date)

Close up of joins

Update 1 July 2006
The upper hull is basically complete, the hard work is done, only the easy stuff left!!
All that left to do now is the drive train, tracks, gun and the controls (hopefully the C6C will be available by then)
Length: 1008mm
Height: 210mm
Width: 535mm