M34A1 turret for my M4

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29 Dec 05

On this page I will document my attempt at recreating the M34A1 (remanufactured) 75 turret for my M4

Pictures with the blue border are clickable!

I started with a 1/16 3 view drawing of the turret, drew a 10mm grid over the top

Then drawing a 27mm grid (1/16 to 1/6) I then enlarged the drawings, transfered to 12mm Ply and cut out using combination of pivot point on router table and jig saw.

Will get around to filling the gap between top and bottom plates with more wood then sanding to shape with my $49AU belt sander from bunnings (when will they get metric bolts) to create a plug for a fibre glass mold

It is coming together, with almost to scale gun tube

showing there will be plenty of room for marker and other stuff

Even room to mount a beer. Depending on internal space, I want to create a turret basket into the hull similar to real vehicle

My first attempt to shape the turret was a failure (I have learnt from this one), I tried to use pine to fill the gap and then shape with my belt sander (would have been very strong but to 2 hours just to shape the bustle. Next attempt used foam sheeting laminated to get desired thickness, then cut and sanded to shape. Looks good, now just have to wait for next payday to get a fibreglass kit to cover it.

Here is my attempt using pine, and the sander

These ones show the foam construction