Vertical Volute Suspension for my M4

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27 Dec 05

On this page I will document my attempt at recreating the Vertical Volute Suspension for my M4

Pictures with the blue border are clickable, just hit back to come back here (you will increase the access count at the bottom this way, it is better to right click and "open in new window"

My starting point
"This link is for the Priest but it is good for pictures"

How I would like it to look once completed
I have my work cutout for me to attempt to create most of these parts
started with two layers of 3mm ply, one with the cutouts and one complete, glued together for from and two complete for rear

the center section is laminated 12mm mdf
with cutouts at rear
arms are created using 12mm ply laminated with 3mm ply
made 4 to the same size then drilled all from the first one to create same length
the cut down to the correct level

and leveled of with a chisel
the cantelever arm

and assembled
a closer look
doesnt it look cool on the hull

The wheels were created by using a pivot point on the table saw table from a 2X4.

8 Jan 06

I have rebuilt the suspension stations, early attempt used 3mm MDF laminated with 2mm Ply, This didnt workout, so have used 6mm ply. looks a lot better.