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This is the official site of Project Keenbound, a Commander Keen RPG. Project Keenbound is officially open as of June 27th, 2003, and anyone who wants to help or has any questions can E-mail me here: . Here's the very first screenshot from the game! ok, the characters will be totally different, but the map'll probably be similar. Thats Keen's treehouse. I made a Keenbound shockwave movie that you can download now. Here is the first picture of Keen, as designed by Djaser:


Keenbound Shockwave intro
DLL files that you may need in order to run some Keen fangames, Thanks to CC314 for this.
Commander Keen Episode 1: Marooned on Mars
Commander Keen Episode 4: Secret of the Oracle
Commander Keen Episode 6 Demo: Aliens ate my babysitter
Commander Keen Special Edition: Keen Dreams