Custom Elseworlds Parallax!

This custom 'Elseworlds Parallax' was made for my friend Michael Crawford of Captain Toy reviewing fame! He's not in my collection nor for sale, but on Mike's shelf among his other DC figures. He was made from a Mr Sinister base body as you can tell. That's Magneto's cape, chest piece was made from a HeMan chestguard/Xmen Angel thigh pads and Apoxie Sculpted sections. Also sculpted were the belt, wristcuffs, mask, and tiny power ring on his right hand along with the one on the lance attachment. The clawed hand came from an old Snowman figure and the lance was from an import Project Arms Knight. I used a reverse wash this time for his armor, a lighter colored wash instead of a dark one to give the armor that glowing look in the cracks.

The Elseworlds story I made up has this Parallax not as Hal Jordan, but as his friend who stole the ring and was infected by the 'ancient evil entity of fear' that was revealed to be the real parallax, locked away in the Central Power Battery.