Marvel Legends Venom custom with symbiote skin effects!

Straight out of Spiderman's Maximum Carnage series comes the villain turned savior Venom and this week I've created him for you in Marvel Legends form, uh...again! But this time I'm practicing with a new technique to add skin detail. Venom was created out of the regular Venom body and given a new head from a bootleg Venom figure featured on Ebay for a while. Lots of accessories such as clawed hands from Anti-Venom, two tongues, a carnage tendril, and a Hero Mashers Carnage-reach-effect claw were added.

The rippling, swirling skin effect is done by washing the figure then wiping the figure down in 91% alcohol first. 3D slick fabric paint is used with a Testors precision glue tip glued on to the normal thick-spout. Give the fabric paint about 7 hours to cure, paint over, then seal. You can make mustaches, eyebrows, tattered clothing bits, spines, just about anything that doesnt need a ton of detail.

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