MoTUC Custom 'Tem-Plarr' action figure

"From another world wrought with war and unending darkness comes a warrior that battles with a righteous fury. Tem-Plarr's mission was to seek out evil and destroy it. Once finished he could finally rest...until a mystical Time Portal of Skeletor's design opened up. Reactivated and detecting forces of darkness the valiant knight reached Eternia where a host of corruption was present. Beware the might of this knight Hordak, Skeletor, for stone and steel cannot be reasoned with!" Here's another original custom creation for your Masters of the Universe Classics collection, Tem-Plarr! Modeled after the Templar Knights of lore this stony stoic statue was created from a Callix body, Mythic Legions knight head, Omega Red ponytail Iron Monger BAF fists and feet, Ceratus waist armor, Dr Strange cape section, Lightseekers shoulderpads, and sculpted detail using Aves Apoxie Clay. His broadsword was made using a ML Ares sword with a new hilt and a Digimon shield was modified into a Templar version that plugs on to his left forearm. Tem-Plarr was given realistic stone effects and weathered metallic detaling on his armor using Testors Metallic Lacquer.

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