Custom Transformers Steelworks, Ironworks smelting clone

Some kinds of plastics are extremely resistant to paint no matter what you do. These are usually toughened waxy plastics/superhard plastics like polyoxymethylene that make up parts of a figure that could easily be stressed if made from the usual pvc or abs. The limbs of the Transformers Siege Battle Masters are made of this stuff and you need to color them, so what do you do? It's RIT DyeMore for synthetics to the rescue! Mix half the bottle of dye with a cup or so of water, boil the liquid on med to high heat just so you get a gentle rolling boil and drop your parts in. I like to suspend mine in a strainer so I can 'lift and look' to check the color. In under a minute the pieces will start to be dyed with a color that won't rub off! The longer you soak them the deeper the color.

Here's another experiment in dying Transformers, particularly the unpaintable plastic ramps of Autobot Ironworks. I used RIT DyeMore red mixed with more water than last time and the ramps came out a nice deep red. A chain was attached to his hook, various silver and red accents were added, and I created 5mm port compatible flame effects to give him the steel-smelting vibe in both modes.

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