Custom Transformers Starscream, Bumblebee movie style figure

With Optimus Prime, Soundwave, and other Transformers getting a G1 makeover in the Bumblebee movie last year I figured it was time for Megatron's second in command to receive the same treatment. Starscream was created using a Nitro Zeus mold, Armada SS head, movie Megatron thruster panels, and a couple of other fodder parts to change up his design. He features an extendable Gatling gun to match the ones on his shoulders and I swapped off a lot of his bulky armor, shaving down his sculpt. I primered using Bulldog Adhesion promoter, used Testors Armor metal lacquer paints, and sealed with Mr Hobby Premium spray sealer.

**UPDATE** I created a Headmaster Starscream head because well, why not? The port is there and I used a Titans Return Starscream face, Grimlock/Loudmouth parts. Now he can fly in the cockpit while in jet mode.

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