Custom MOTUC Eternian Space Knight 7" action figure

"A warrior from a bygone age the Space Knight heralds himself as an ancient Eternian who fought in the Galactic Wars long before any were fought on the planet's surface. For centuries his spaceship had orbited Eternia until an exploration by He-Man and Man-at-Arms discovered the warrior in cryogenic hibernation. The Space Knight awakened to find the realm flourishing but in peril and quickly pledged to join the heroes in their quest for peace. Watch out Skeletor, Knight falls wherever darkness creeps!"

Today in the realm of MOTUC Classics customs I bring you an original character, the Eternian Space Knight! This armored adversary for good was created using a Multiverse comic Dark Knight armored Batman, Wind Raider pilot head, Icarious armor, and various fodder pieces for detail. He's decked out in cosmic weathered armor and packs a spinning blade sword to combat the forces of evil.

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